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We are distribution partners for the latest innovation products, we trade in environmentally friendly products and participate in the realisation of environmental technologies.

Thanks to the long-term and innovative developments of our commercial partners, we are able to present to you solutions and alternatives in the fields of:

Hydrogen technology, nano composites, ORC technologies.

Ongoing developments & projects include: Construction, insulation, heating, cooling and fuel reduction.

These alternative construction materials and elements are not only environmentally friendly, but kind to your budget too - also for the long-term.

We work with the latest future technologies in the fields of fuel consumption, power and heat generation, as well as energy recovery!

Post-combustion power generation is of course a further topic of interest for us, which is why we can also offer a number of products in this field.

Because we have been in a position to sell highly efficient turbines (from one of Germany's most skilled turbine manufacturers) at extremely attractive prices since 2020.

The now rapidly increasing demand for energy (not only at national but also international level) means it is necessary to retrospectively recover energy from production-related industrial gases or water vapour (or for pressure reduction), by increasingly converting it from a waste product or by-product in a lucrative business model, ultimately benefiting not only the producer(s) but also the consumer(s).

Find out for yourself and send us your inquiry form today!

Furthermore, we are seeking bio plants, landfill and sewage gas installations, as well as solar farms and large photovoltaic plants (in open spaces) for sale throughout Germany on behalf of our customers.

 Our innovations are your profit!

- Our promise is our way of working -

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