Our inorganic insulation can do more!



These insulating panels have an insulation value of 0.047, comparable with styrofoam.


The weight varies depending on the desired density, from 50 kg to 500 kg per m³.


Because the material is fully inorganic, this is fire protection class A1.


Temperatures of over 1,000° C do not present a problem for our insulation.



The strength of the material can be varied. Existing production techniques can generally be modified and used.

In addition to the panel construction, the material can also be used as loose material for insulation.

The base materials are low-cost and are available in great quantities.

In the medium term, this insulation material can replace styrofoam completely. Society is increasingly looking for more environmentally friendly products. The resistance to fire is a further argument, which can solve many construction safety problems.


In addition, our new type of insulation can be furnished with various different characteristics.


Here is a small selection of possibilities:


We have verified the technical feasibility. Now comes the industrial implementation. We are looking for strategic cooperation partners for this. Based on our know-how, we can now develop YOUR product in accordance with your specifications within the scope of a project.



The focus of this is to find new applications for our new type of insulation as technical applications for the following sectors:











Licence holders sought for production.